Do you plan to invest in start-ups with high-growth potential? 

we can provide technology assessment and validation. 

Do you need to adjust or turn around a fledgling high-tech business?

we can provide analysis and validation of


Do you need an opinion on a technology or a business plan?

we can provide the information and

 recommendations you are looking for.

Please read where along the Investment Decision Steps OttoConsulting can support your investment decision-making process.  Our refined techniques of analyzing the status of a technology versus the product specifications and the customer needs, the competitive technologies, and possible substitutes are listed in the description of the Technology Transfer Process.

Depending on where you are in your business development planning process, our services include:

        corporate strength and weakness analysis and


        market and customer knowledge review and


        product specification review and recommendations

        technology selection and development status review and 


        product development status review and recommendations

        regulatory requirement analysis and recommendations

        opportunity and threat analysis and recommendations

        competitor analysis and recommendations

        analysis of strategic advantages and recommendations

        risk analysis, risk reduction, and milestone definition

        business plan review and recommendations

        funding status review and recommendations

        establishment of a specific business plan

        corporate partnering advice and support

        organizational structure analysis and recommendations

        business staffing advice

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