OUR COMMUNITY     Facts About Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer (TT) Preparations

TT preparation steps are set in motion as soon as an invention has evolved and is documented. These steps are shown in the flow chart below.

The chart covers both cases, where the invention was conceived and documented by either an:

  • Independent individual
  • Institution’s employee.

The institution can be a company which has its own R&D team, or it can be an industrial, private, or academic research entity.

  • The decision-making process at this early stage faces a tremendously high level of uncertainty and can lead to the abandonment of a most valuable idea.

OttoConsulting’s expertise would be of utmost value to the inventor or the institution, especially to small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in the process of planning and performing the reduction of the uncertainty levels by employing its skills in

  • obtaining, selecting, and weighing relevant prior art information, 

  • determining on-sight the value of the technology, and 

  • outlining potential risks and hurdles in applying the new technology. 

These skills will be accomplished through collaboration with project-specific individual experts and expert companies, and will be channeled by OttoConsulting to provide sound data for the decision-making processes.