Small to Medium Company

Do you want to expand? Do you want to partner?

we can provide the information you need to make your decisions.

Do you want to prioritize, focus, specialize?

we can help you to validate and select your options, streamline your plans, and accelerate your progress while reducing expenses.

Do you worry about loosing your assets when you decide to integrate new technologies and to offer new products? 

we can analyze your existing technologies and fabrication processes, your marketing and sales capabilities, and make recommendations for risk and investment reduction, as well as acceleration of technology implementation. 

Please read about the Technology Transfer Preparations before proceeding along a new business avenue, then review the Technology Transfer Process framework which OttoConsulting applies to your specific needs. This page displays the techniques which OttoConsulting employs to elevate the potential for your success. 

Depending on where you are in your business development planning process, our services include:

·        corporate strength and weakness analysis and    


·        review of the strategic business plan and recommendations

·        market and customer knowledge review and


·        product specification review and recommendations

·        technology development status review and 


·        product development status review and recommendations

·        regulatory requirement analysis and recommendations

·        opportunity and threat analysis and recommendations

·        competitor analysis and recommendations

·        validation and prioritization of expansion opportunities

·        validation and prioritization of partnering opportunities

·        risk analysis, risk reduction, and milestone definition

·        analysis of strategic advantages

·        business plan review and recommendations

·        funding status review and recommendations

·        establishment of a specific business plan for

fundraising for

corporate partnering and for

product-to-market plan implementation

·        fundraising support

grant writing

business plan presentation to venture capital, investment banks, and corporate partners

·        corporate partnering advice and support

·        business prioritization, focus, and specialization advice

·        staffing and partnering advice

·        organizational structure analysis and recommendations


We also suggest also reading about the Investment Decision Steps to increase success in raising the required funds by better understanding the investors’ view of your business and the facts which peak their interest in making an investment in your enterprise.

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OttoConsulting not only knows what to do for you – it, most importantly, knows how to do it!